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I think I have a viral inner ear infection.

Posted by @rich1642 in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Dec 7, 2011

I am a single 54 year old blue collar male living in Sydney, Australia. Please pardon me for barging into your forum like this and starting a thread immediately , but I am terribly worried about my hearing.

For the last several years I suffered tinnitus, sensitivity to noise, and a feeling of fullness and running in the ears. I have spent a fortune on ear cleaning products thinking the problem was wax in my outer ear.

About 2 weeks ago I contracted a bacterial infection in my right middle ear as a result of my cleaning. I finally saw a GP about 6 days ago and was prescribed Aphamox 500. I took 4 a day instead of 3 a day (one every 6 hours). Over the last week, I have become increasing confused and unable to think, dizzy. I am nauseous, have a sinusy headache as well as a tenderness/ache at the base of my skull.The arthritis I suffered over the 20 years is worse than ever. I actually feel if I i twist my joints I'll probably damage the joint permanently.

I been to see about 5 GPs over the last 6 days. I been refered to an Ear Nose and throat specialist but I cannot get an appointment till the 10th of January next year. I have been prescribed Ciprofloxacin and have taken 2 of the twenty tablets. I have decided to stop taking these because I seriously believe they will do my body too much harm. I have serious concerns about the quality of care that is default public health in Australia.

I been under a unprecedented amount of stress over the last 6 months. This started when my father diagnosed with Vascular dementia and became his carer. He died about 10 weeks ago. I have pretty well fallen in a heap since then. I started smoking and drinking coffee again. I am socially isolated and miss having my father to care for. I feel guilty for the way he died on the floor of a heart attack alone while I was asleep and the outbursts of rage i misdirected at him in his final weeks. I'd set myself up for about 5 years of caring for my 79 year old father. On one hand I wanted to run away back to my care free and stress free life living in a boat on Sydney harbour and on the other it felt good to be doing my duty and not having myself as the my focus of attention. I stopped work about 3 weeks ago for 19 weeks holiday. I have so much do with packing and getting my father's affairs sorted, which is not helping thing, especially as i'm ignoring it.

I need some help, in Sydney, on-line or overseas maybe. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. I have no concerns about expense given my hearing may be at stake.


Posted by @rich1642, Dec 8, 2011

I should have mentioned that my late father only had about 15% or less hearing in one ear, was a result of I gather a childhood inner ear infection that nearly killed him in the late 1930's.

I restarted taking the Ciprofloxacin again. I really don't have much faith in my cognitive function at the moment. I'll wait another 5 days or so. I 'm triying to increase my food intake. I'm 6' 2" and around 160 pounds. I have good cardio vascular fitness from being a working as a labourer, cycling long distances and swimming, while not owning a car. This is somewhat negated by the 40 or so strong German cigarettes Iand 10 plus cups of coffee I have a day.. I eat once per day, something like a cheese sandwich. I am run down and don't have the inner capacity I've had in the past to deal with my inner demons.

I'm getting as many photos as I can of my father and his life to put together a photo album printed at the Apple Store to make some sense of his death. I worked a photographer in the media for about 15 years when I younger. I am not a visual person (my brain focus seems to have shifted to the left verbal side as I aged) any more, but maybe I should be. I look at my father's life through the brilliant mock up albums accessed through the iPhoto software, I am comforted by the flower that was my father's life. He was a man who led a blameless life and always coloured inside the lines. He came from a childhood of comparitive disadvantage;

This is his 1939 class photo; He is in the middle row- 4th from the left. I believe his foster brother,Allan, is on the far right of the middle row.


Posted by @rich1642, Dec 8, 2011

I remember now that my father meningitis as a child. I'm getting this funny feeling in my head that feels like concussion. I can't understand why after contact with 6 different doctors, none of them have ordered a blood test. I go to a Bateman owned mega practice in a area renowned world wide for its parochialism. It would appear that very recently there has been a crackdown on medicare funded procedures, because this place until very recently had been very generous in access to its vertically integrated testing facilities. So it looks I fell sick at a bad time. My attitude doesn't help i suppose. I've has issues with the quality of care in my long history with this business. I have made it clear in the past, via carefully worded legal documents, that I have legitimate complaints regarding my care, which has I suppose red flagged me. I haven't expected much from them in the recent past., just the odd prescription or work certificate.

I unwisely played some music tonight for 2 or 3 hours. My stereo is fairly powerful at 140 watts RMS a channel and although the english bookshelf speakers I have are small there is quite a bit of air movement from the cones which my ears are very sensitive to, ratjher than the actual sound. Its been driving me crazy not being able to listen to music. My whole life revolved around listening to music. I have around 5000 cds including my fathers and brothers that i need to either sell or store before I move out of here. I had planned to go to Europe as soon as possible. Pathetically cliched as it sounds I wanted go to France, learn french, and travel to the scandinavian countries. I'm fascinated by French sensibilities and want to see what music I can find. I need to contact my liberal and enlightened employers and tell them I'm sick. I'm quietly hopeful I may be able to extend my leave.
I've got a bit of reading to do.

If anybody knows somewhere I could go in Sydney to get treatment, it would be great if they could post the information. It doesn't really matter. I suppose. I am well aware that the only person who can help me is myself ie I need to deal with my substance abuse, my declining immune system, but most importantly the stresses' that drive my destructive patterns of behaviour in attitude and deed.


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