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I started having problems with arthritis in my 50's. Then both knees

Posted by @osteoarthritisproblemscjm, Oct 20, 2012

I started having problems with arthritis in my 50’s. Then both knees are new and my left foot had surgery. Now I have extensive progressive osteoarthritis every where. My neck and TMJ joint, back, arms, hips, legs and continued feet. My hands are getting pretty useless with large knuckles and all parts of the hand are involved. Lots of pain. I can’t open my mouth very much. It seems to be affecting my hearing altho I question that as the hearing may just be getting worse on its own. I am now 75 and in a very nice retirement complex with lots of activities that I was able to go to but now I’m too tired, everything hurts too much and I want to sleep all the time so interaction with the residents has just about come to a halt. My cat Teddy Bear keeps me company.


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