I sprained both of my thumbs.

Posted by Interstellar007 @Interstellar007, Jan 9, 2016

I sprained both of my thumbs. I would pop my thumbs by making a fist with my thumb inside and then i would squeeze it to pop it. I am 19 years-old and i have done it this way all my life without a single problem, this time unfortunately i squeezed it too hard evidently. So the intial injury from popping it was very very minor, i would have considered it a strain rather than a sprain, it was just minor soreness, but i still had full function and full strength in both thumbs, so me being a fool thought it was just minor tendonitis that will heal within 3 days, after 24 hours there was no more soreness and it felt like normal but i waited 2 extra days before playing the PlayStation 4 (Video Game Console) but when i played, it made it worser than the initial strain, so then this time i waited a week, again it felt fine so i resumed getting on my laptop and then played video games again and it made it much much worse, this time with pain and stiffness etc. So that is how i sprained both of my thumbs, i’ve had it for about 1 month and a half and from googling my symptoms i think i may have partially a torn ligament and/or trigger thumb or repetitive strain injury. They feel almost halfway healed and i have already started thumb exercises, but it’s far from being fully healed. Still weak too. So i have been wearing 2 Futoro Thumb Stabilizers by 3M. They have helped tremendously. My question is, will i ever be able to play video games again? Video games are my life and a part of me will die if i can’t play anymore and will almost see no point of living anymore. If i can play, how soon should it be after they fully heal/resolve?

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