I shattered my L-1 in 2004. They shored it up with titanium [...]

Posted by Joyce EWG @joyceewg, Jun 2, 2015

I shattered my L-1 in 2004. They shored it up with titanium and a new L-1. I also have chronic lower back pain that has its own titanium structure. The L-1 surgeries were successful (9 surgeries) and then the surgeon got the bright idea to run a spinal cord stimulator through it and now it hurts all the time. I have a huge list of stuff I can’t do but speedboating isn’t on the list. I was speedboating in Jamaica in December. Now my doctor isn’t even around. I have been trying to get treatment and pain evaluation since December. I tore my spinal cord too when I shattered the L-1. I can walk again after rehab and the cord not being torn all the way across. I have 4 different pain disorders plus more ( 27 dxes) and I’m just so frustrated that I call for six months and nothing. I feel like I live in some third world country. I have really good insurance. So today I called and they say my doctor is gone and they’ll ask the others. Maybe in a week or so they’ll get back to me. Heard this story before like for 6 months. So frustrated with spending all of my time treating pain.

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