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I retired way to early because I was "burnrdout." I was in

Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 11, 2012

I retired way to early because I was “burnrdout.” I was in the hospital for what I thought was a heart attack. It was merely anxiety, a panic attack, soooo, I shut my business down, childcare. Guess what? It was to late to continue working but I founf out later it was not the business giving me panic attacks, it was my personal life. I was living in denial. We should NEVER do that. So retiring much to early to get anything, I suffered there, yet it caused me to shake myself awake and realize I needed to “look else where” and see whay I was so unhappy. Found it!! Soooooo, I’m working on that part. I now make ME happy. No more verbal and neglect abuse. I rebuked that real fast. How is that working out for me? Well….it looks good right now, will know later. I smile now no matter what, I tell me I am important, God comes first, then me, then everyone else. NO ONE will ever use, abuse nor neglect me anymore and get to me. I know I am important to me. I love everyone on here. Everyone is positive and keeps right on trying different things and searching to find the problem We’re gonna make it. Smiles to everyone and a big hug!! Gerri


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