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I read you profile and see you work with Alzheimers patients. I

Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 13, 2012

I read you profile and see you work with Alzheimers patients. I wanted to ask you something about my dad who passed away a few years ago. He had Alzeheimers and his organs shut down one by one after he lost his ability to walk. He was a very good father, raised us right and he had good morals. He would not allow anyone arounf us that cussed. fter we grew up, he still would not allow anyone who cussed in his house. The strange thing was, after he got Alzeheimers, he cussed my mom and called her terrible names and told her al the time that he hated her. I wonder if this because of the Alzheimers or was it supressed feeling that came to surface after he became so ill. My mom did not understand and she would get so very angry with him. I tried to tell my mom he didn’t realize what he was doing and saying but she was so closed minded to it all. So sad! Gerri @piglit



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Posted by @piglit, Jul 13, 2012

Hi Gerri. So sorry for the loss of your Dad. You no with Alzheimers as the progression of the disease starts the person can have behavioural changes. This is what occured with your dear Dad. It is common for people with this condition to change like this. They say and do things that they never would have usually done. I feel in many cases that it can be frustration on their part. They also have the tendency to throw these frustrations out on the ones they love the most re your Mum, you and other membersof the family. I think that this is what makes it so sad for the family members to watch and see the changes that occur. Please sweetie reassure your Mum that this had nothing to do with her and he really would not of known or remembered at times what he was saying. It’s so hard I know as I go into families everyday and the grieving process commences well before the person actually passes. The reason being you are missing the person who was. Allow yourselves to grief, but live on the happy, wonderful memories of your dear Dad and let him live in your hearts and dreams with those thoughts. You know faith is such a wonderful thing to have we all need it I feel, rely on it to keep your strong as I know you will. Take care Hugs Annie

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