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I picked it up in a 3rd world country...

Posted by @lbotyans, Nov 2, 2011

I volunteered abroad in Ukraine last winter and while I was there I came down with what they diagnosed as Bronchitis. They gave me antibiotics and did a chest X-ray…which you can only imagine as being out of a communist horror movie.. in late November of last year and I was not much better until February once I came back to the States.

Since then I have been on and off generally tired, but can’t claim any symptoms that would prompt me to think that the disease remained until about a month ago when I started having sporadic stabbing chest pain that only lasted a couple seconds. It always happens just to the left on my sternum in the middle of my chest deep inside. (I don’t have any shortness of breath at all when exercising.) But last night I had such a coughing fit that I felt my left lung was being ripped from my chest. Now my left lung seems tired and sore.

Is it possible that I was misdiagnosed to start and whatever infection it was still lingers over 6 months later? Please help.



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Posted by @poppop, Nov 7, 2011

If you have not I would have this checked as soon as possible.


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Posted by @toastmaster, Nov 12, 2011

Not to freak you out or make it sound worse than a simple virus, but you should have your heart checked. Chronic coughing and chest pain can be early symptoms of heart disease.


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Posted by @toastmaster, Nov 12, 2011

Also, Ukraine isn’t third world. It’s actually quite civilized for eastern Europe.


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Posted by @ross, Nov 18, 2011

The former Soviet Union, including its satellites, have had a major problem with an antibiotic resistant strain of tuberculosis. Immigrants, mostly to New York City, have brought it to the US. Your initial diagnosis and your most recent symptoms make it quite probable that you contracted tuberculosis (antibiotic resistant or not). A visit to a doctor or clinic and you can get a simple skin test to confirm or eliminate that possibility. And the sooner the better as tuberculosis is extremely contagious. Be careful when coughing around others, or even going into public places until you’re tested.


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Posted by @beccaboo63, Nov 21, 2011

New here but I thought I would put my 2 cents in. Sounds a bit scary to me. Have you seeked medical attention yet? Possible doc’s that you might want to check out. Dr’s that are specialist like a Pulmonologist. lung specialist and or Cardiologist (heart) perhaps your run of the mill Emergency room. Hoping you have started the ball moving. This could get worse and it sounds like it has. Feel better and good luck ~ Beccaboo~

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