Need to know how Mayo Clinic does living-donor kidney transplant

Posted by John Franks @franksjohn, Apr 9, 2015

I need to more about mayo clinic? Because I need to know more about how, the mayo clinic does there living-donor kidney transplant etc etc. because I am dealing with a clinic that seams not to care really of what I am asking, saying, or wishes that I want to know that is possible for what I want to do. I would like to say my side of thinks! Do you understand what I am trying to say? Thinks for your time. jon

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Hey John, have you registered for the living-donor kidney transplant webinar? Two of our transplant experts will give a short presentation and answer questions tomorrow at noon:


The webinar is just what I need. My son is going to need a transplant in the next few years. This will be his second in 20 years. There are more resources available now and I plan on learning as much as possible .

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