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Pamela Marshall

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I need help of any kind especially with the HPV virus my

Posted by @pamelamarshall, Apr 2, 2012

I need help of any kind especially with the HPV virus my husband gave me shortly before he abandon myself and our 3 grown special needs son, the oldest with Aspergers. of a 27 year marriage This man fell in an ski accident , broke his neck,
after caring for him 14 months getting him back on his feet, we all noticed he had a complete personality change,
he fell 3 miles from a ski hill, then took a 90% turn, he started now I know cheating, he got rid of any money, pulled the equity out with my name on the house. I need also a life coach for my sons, they are lost and with there father abandoning them they are at risk of not being a productive citizen.
Please read my profile and an;y help is appreciated. also in the state of AZ my sons lost medical the state is broke, you have to have a baby to qualify. Thank you for any help. I am disabled with many ailments and disabilities.
I also can not receive disability because I stayed home and suffered taking care of our 3 special needs sons.
with no help from the state, family , nor there workaholic father.
Thank you for reading this if you have any Ides please let me know. Much appreciated.


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