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I know what you past is like a book. I was

Posted by @ditim, Jul 23, 2011

I know what you mean…my past is like a book. I was sexually abused as a child…my first husband abused both our daughters…and my second husband was not faithful. My youngest who is 32 was diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality in 2004 and she’s finally doing well. I lost a sister at age 38 who choked to death and a brother 39 who died of a massive heart attack. My mother lost her life to cancer at a young age of 54. I’ve worked thru all of this with no counseling and I can see now how this disorder has come out. My body has been through so much that it now comes out in physical symptoms…is that how yours is? I am thankful for my husband…we’ve been together since ’93 and has been my rock. I thank the Lord each and every day for all his blessings and to know he takes care of me. I’m upbeat and love people and stay positive. I’ve made it past my demons. Now I have to focus on what I can and shouldn’t do…to make my life as stress free and calm as possible. How about you? @carolopolis


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