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I just read your essay and I find it very up to

Posted by @marcg23 in Just Want to Talk, Aug 16, 2011

I just read your essay and I find it very up to date, timely. I have been researching medicine as long as I have been on the net. Because I get sick so often and have several medical conditions that I need to research. But I find that some Drs discourage this self education of medicine to their patients.


Posted by @ral, Aug 16, 2011

hey thanks! i think you're right, some doctors do. i can see their perspective as well, that it can be frustrating to have a patient come in and claim to already know more than the doctor. however, i think this is why it's important for doctors to empower their patients and teach them how to use tools, which ones to trust, etc. in the end, it's the patient's job to be responsible for his/her health, but the doctor can definitely play a role in helping!

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