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I have rectal cancer stage III diagnosed back in Nov. 2012, and [...]

Posted by @waynebeach in Cancer, Mar 23, 2014

I have rectal cancer stage III diagnosed back in Nov. 2012, and had radiation therapy that ended four weeks ago Tuesday. The pain that diminished somewhat after the treatments has come back with a vengeance. Eating anything triggers it so all I've been doing is trying to sleep to forget about it. Pain relievers bind me up to the degree that they cause worse pain than being without. Please let me know if anyone has had a similar experience and how they have coped. I have an appointment with a surgeon this Friday and a MRI scheduled tomorrow. The tumor is very close to the anus and will most likely be fitted with a colostomy, which is something I have been trying to avoid. Went to Mexico for hyperthermia for three weeks, along with various IV's. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Posted by @nicoleferrara, Apr 15, 2014

Hi, Wayne. I am unable to share a personal experience, but I can refer you to some Mayo Clinic online resources that might be useful. Our general information page for colorectal cancer is here: This website includes information on treatment and drugs, alternative medicine and coping and support.

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