Ovarian cancer nodules on my liver. Decided to not have chemo or surgery

Posted by tonistable @tonistable, Mar 17, 2016

I have ovarian cancer nodules growing on top of my liver, I now have a cluster behind my belly button, I am pain free and want to stay this way.. anyone else have this diagnosis and can anyone suggest anything? I have refused chemo ! I am a patient at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.. one of the 5 leading cancer research hospitals in the world, but their support system for cancer patients sucks!! Since refusing chemo, no surgery and no support from them, & unfortunately my family doctor has admitted to me that I am his only and his 1st cancer patient.

@tonistable hi my friend and sister in Christ just want to say stay encouraged with God all things are possible without Him nothing is possible..stay connected to Him and you will come out Victorious..if you ever want someone to talk to I’m here..again I say Be Encouraged..Godbless Peace


Hi @tonistable, welcome to Connect.
I’m happy to hear that you are pain free. Even refusing “active” treatment, you should still receive attentive care from your cancer care team. At Princess Margaret they have several programs that you can ask about.
Psychosocial Oncology http://www.uhn.ca/PrincessMargaret/PatientsFamilies/Clinics_Tests/Psychosocial_Oncology/
Palliative Care http://www.uhn.ca/PrincessMargaret/PatientsFamilies/Clinics_Tests/Palliative_Care/
ELLICSR – Survivorship Centre https://www.ellicsr.ca

Ask to see a social worker and she can connect you to the services you want and need http://www.uhn.ca/PrincessMargaret/PatientsFamilies/Specialized_Program_Services/Pages/social_work.aspx You can refer yourself to the social worker.

Here on Mayo Clinic Connect, I’d like to introduce you to a few members who also have ovarian cancer and faced treatment choices a little while back. @mfell @gill @jfc4 @libbysmom what supportive care services have you found to be useful?

Toni – what care supports would you like to have in place now or in the future?

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