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I have lived with someone with bipolar disorder for five years now.

Posted by @bzg4 in Mental Health, Dec 1, 2012

I have lived with someone with bipolar disorder for five years now. Not only is the bipolar disorder a battle, but the choices to use other things to self-medicate has created multiple addictions to overcome as well. Pills, alcohol, marijuana, and sex are a few. Compulsive sexual behavior is really affecting the relationship I have with this person. I am SO tired of the lies and rollercoaster. I feel like I am going crazy! They refuse to seek medical help or counseling services, and continues to lie and get caught up in compulsive behavior. I love this person very much, but I need to establish boundaries. No one I know completely understands what kind of a position I am in or what this does to me personally. I'm looking for anyone that can offer advice and support for either myself or my loved one.


Posted by @rmenasco, Dec 1, 2012

Get out or get him out.ASAP do you want to risk AIDS


Posted by @piglit, Dec 1, 2012

Hi BZG4 It may be an idea to go and talk to someone in regards to the person that you are having a relationship with your G.P or a counseller maybe able to help. It is such a difficult situation for you as you feel deeply for this person. Take care sweetie always here but remember you need to take care of yourself too.Piglit

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