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I have kidney disease since birth and now in stage 4 heading

Posted by @ellenclaire48, Jun 4, 2012

I have kidney disease since birth and now in stage 4 heading toward last stage 5. Just found out I have abdominal aorta aneurysm, two of them, one in abdomen and other on upper leg and I do know one of them is 5.6 cm. I was put in quickly to see a vascular surgeon quickly and I saw him, he looked at me and said surgery will be difficult with that. I am assuming he was talking about my obesity. I think he did not have to be so rude but like a good patient, I said nothing. MRI test was done last Thursday, 5/31/12 and it is Monday 6/4/12 and vascular surgeon has not called me. Gee, even if this is hopeless, vascular surgeon of Fairview Southdale Hospital, Edina, MN could have called me and told me something. I also found out that his abdominal aortic aneruysm was 4 cm back in 2008. No one told me anything about it but they have a copy of it. The only problem I heard of was my kidneys and blood pressure, and that was for kidneys. I have only one working kidney as the right kidney is not functioning. So I sit and wait. My friend told me not to do any lifting or pushing, like a vacuum. I put myself on losing weight, but that will be a long process. I have had no instructions from anyone on any physical activities or a good weight loss menu. I guess because of two conditions, kidney and aorta, open surgery would be very risky. Well, I had enough of this, too depressing.


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