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I have just been diagnosed with RA & my Dr has prescribed Methotrexate & Prednisone. I am worried about the side affects, just wondering if the benefits outway the risks

Posted by @sha4n, Mar 25, 2012

Jst wondering about others experience on these meds



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Posted by @amishcake, Mar 29, 2012

I was just diagnosed with SLE lupus in January and started taking methotrexate 10 mg. per week for the first 8 weeks. No noticeable side effects, and my liver tests came out OK, so she bumped it to 15 mg. last week. Still don’t notice any side effects, but I am also taking 2 mg. folic acid daily. Did your doctor prescribe folic acid? It’s supposed to minimize side effects. Prednisone I only take for 5 day stints to reduce pain and it works pretty well. Best wishes to you. Let us know how it’s going.


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Posted by @sunsetspiritualist, Sep 17, 2012

I took prednizone last yr( for what I thot was) Mixed connective tissue,
arthritis and fibro. My hair became very,very thin and
I had bruises all over my body. When I stopped the pred.
in about three months these side effects went away.
As it turned out it was not a flare up of the three above issues
but that I had contacted toxo plasmosis in my eye.
I would never go on prednizone again. For the toxo my eye
dr would not put me on methotrexate as he said it would
practically destroy my bones. I have read that you do need to
take folic acid w/it tho.


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Posted by @beachlady, Apr 6, 2012

I have been on Meth. and Pred. for RA for the past 6yrs and it has worked just fine and has been very affordable. However, for the past 2 months I have had lots of flare ups
and it appears I will have to go to something else, like biologics. If you have a Mayo rheumatologist or one that you trust, I would definite give meth. and pred. a try if the dr. advises. Good luck!

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