Afib: 5-cardioversions, stent, balloon angioplasty, cath exploratory

Posted by TWPTRUSTREK @twptrustrek, Jan 2, 2016

I have had 5-cardioversions, one stent, one balioon angioplasty and an cath exploratory.
I am 74 and was 2-1/2 yrs a-fib free.
on news year eve I went into a-fib anew !!
I hang in between 59 and 85 variations my BP is 108/79 and steady..
I was in synus rythm for 3 hrs and then back into a-fib.
My cardiologist will see me on the 14th.

Is it likely that I will go back into rythm (my beats hold at a 72 level for 10-15 beats before moving.

Hi @twptrustrek
Sorry to hear you experienced a-fib after not having any symptoms for 2.5 years.

Did you see this video where a patient shares his experience living with atrial fibrillation?

Are you worried about having to wait until the 14th to see your cardiologist? How do you manage your symptoms until you see him/her?

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