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I have had 3 episodeds. The first one hit the day after

Posted by @debera in Just Want to Talk, Oct 13, 2011

I have had 3 episodeds. The first one hit the day after I got over heated out side. The doctors said I may have had a prestroke. I did not remember the last 18 months but did call my brother and just kept saying,"I don;t understand over and over again. I was able to talk to my brother while he tried to call my husband on his cell. Well my husband had his cell phone off while with a client. Then my brother had two phones so hung up with me and called my son who talked with me while my brother called my daughter who called an amulance. They all thought I had had a stroke. After my daughter called the ambulance she headed to Tn from Florida, in world record time.. Needless to say I had amnesia almost 24 hours. The 3rd time was 12 hours. My husband said I sat down in my chase and looked aroud and started crying asking how did my house get decorated for Christmas and who did it. Guess who decorated, me. The third time I was out for 8 hours and couldn't understand. I called home and asked my sister what I had gone to the drug store for because I didn't understand. She called my husband and he talked to me on my cell phone till he pulled up beside me. I had amnesia and could not remeber how I got there but I did ask if I was having another spell, after that blank!

I have done some research on TGA. I was first told it was rare and that the average have a max of 3 in 3 years. I have had 3 in 4 years. I have heard you can loose small bits of memory permenatly. I was worried about having one while driving but the doctor was right. I pulled over called home and knew where I was but didn't know how I got there. The doctor told me you can drive to a safe place to park your car when you are having a TGA. You will know people but you will still be scared. You know I can relate to an Alzheimer person. My husband said he would explaine the situation to me and by the time he finished the last word I woud start all over asking him the same question.

I am not much on typing long papers but do hope it helps someone out there. I read today on the yahoo news home page that sex can cause it. I have also been told to take aaan 81 mg coated asprin every day by a nuerologist. I don't think there is alot of info onTGA.

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