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I have cologenous colitis.

Posted by @beverlyj in Digestive Health, Jul 19, 2012

Does anyone have any suggestions for me for relief?- especially any dietary suggestions/natural remedies?


Posted by @susieqpants, Jul 23, 2012

You can try taking probiotics, they are over the counter pills, very cheap that help with the digestive tract.

I would also begin a diary of the foods you eat and the reaction to each along with your moods and sleep patterns. This can all affect your body and you will begin to see patterns based on what you eat and the reaction your body has.

Also, it is best to eat steam vegetables or cooked, not raw as this is harder to digest and pay attention to fruit as it is a cause for gas in the body. You also want to stick to leaner meat vs. fatty and away from fried food.

As hard as it is, fast food is basically off limits for most people with Colitis.

I would also stay away from anything with Carbonation as this can irritate it as well.


Posted by @beverlyj, Jul 25, 2012

Thanks Susie. I will give the probiotics a try. I've also read that Pepto Bismal may relieve symptoms- the "bismuth"? Have you heard this too?

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