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I have Bi-Polar Disorder and OCD so I know it is difficult

Posted by @jean28, Aug 27, 2011

I have Bi-Polar Disorder and OCD so I know it is difficult with our relationships at times even with people who love you. My husband is learning and going to go to my therapy sessions with me so he can try to understand my illnesses better. We are newlyweds and have had a very hard first year together. He has even had a stroke last April. I do cause him to have anxiety attacks once in a while. which is very bad for his Atrial Fibulation. Sometimes I feel so guilty even though I know it’s hard for me to maintain my symptoms from manifesting. He is very supportive to me which I am grateful for since I have no family and just a few friends that I talk to on the phone or text on and off. I am not on medication now for my mental illness because the meds which I have been on them all really, don’t agree with me physically and have not been helpfull and actually in the last year and a half have made me feel much worse so I quit them all and have been off them since last March. I only take some antianxiety meds when I can get them. I also am on Oxycodone what the doctor said I had Fibromyalgia which I don’t know is true or not. My Primary care doctor thinks all my physical illnesses I have are due to my brain which I don’t believe. I am changing doctors next week. The one I have now for the last 13 years has not addressed my health problems hardly at all and now I still have some sort of UTI that he has not treated me correctly for the last year and a few months. He finally referred me to a Urologist that I will see Sept. 6th or possibly sooner I hope since I am really sick now and can hardly do anything right now. @tash26


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