Under the care of a Neurosurgeon in Chicago for complications with a spinal fusion

Posted by amcteague @amcteague, Mar 16, 2016

I have been under the care of a Neurosurgeon in Chicago for over a year because of complications with a spinal fusion. My Dr has exhausted his resources on how to continue with my case, but agrees that I still need care. I sent all of my records up to Mayo to be reviewed by the Neurosurgery team in hopes to get an appointment to be seen. I received a letter of denial saying the surgeon that reviewed my records believes another surgery is necessary and thinks I should remain under the care of my current Dr. They said that I could appeal the decision if my Dr called or we wrote a letter stating why I should have the case reviewed again. We have done so and have still be denied. With all the neurosurgeons at Mayo only one Dr is able to review the case and decide whether to take me on as a patient? I am feeling let down by the medical field. My current Dr isn’t able to help me any further and Mayo won’t allow me to be seen because one Dr decided? As a patient where to do I go? I was hoping that with all the amazing things I have heard about Mayo and people talking about that they “just went” and begged to be seen that I would have a shot at someone being able to help me. How do I get another Dr to review this? My quality of life is suffering, the pain is unbearable and after a year of 9 surgeries and spinal leak still being left scares me. How to I get help?

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Dear amcteague –
I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing such pain. It sounds like you’ve taken the appropriate steps to seek care at Mayo Clinic. Our physician experts have likely reviewed your case with their colleagues both times. Their review lead them to determine that Mayo Clinic cannot offer any further treatment for you at this time. It is our goal to provide the best care each patient needs, however we do not want to have you incur additional costs for evaluation or travel if we do not feel we can offer care that is different from what you’re already receiving.

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