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I have been sick since early June at that time I was

Posted by @mclinda53 in Just Want to Talk, Aug 1, 2011

I have been sick since early June at that time I was in the hospital for 9 days. At first I was told that I had congestive heart failure. After seeing the heat specialist I was told to have a left and right heart catheterization which was done. Was told my heart looks fine have a little more pressure on the right side but they seem to think maybe I had diastolic dysfunction. Had so many test done and no one can come up with a diagnosis. I have no strength in my upper body and in my legs. I can not walk fast or far due to my legs hurting. My sick time is running out and I am not getting better. I have daily breakdowns being frustrated not being able to do things I could do before. I have no idea what I am fighting , there are some nights were I have problems sleeping afraid I may not wake up the next day. I was in good health pryor to all of this. Anyone having the same problem?

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