Been having problems with my blood pressure spiking to 200/90

Posted by Anneliese Singerle @asingerle, Sep 22, 2014

I have been having problems with my blood pressure spiking to 200/90 occasionally. IT happened anytime just out of the clear blue. I was taking Verapamil 240 am with 50 mg of losartan in the am and 120mg of verapamil along with 50mg of losartan in the pm. My cardiologist prescribed 80 mg of adarbi along with the 240mg of verapamil in the am. and 80 mg of adarbi and 120 mg of verapamil in the PM.

Well I quit spiking to 200/90 and had spikes of 160/80 or so . However after 4 weeks everything looked pretty good and the blood pressure seemed to be coming down into a good range when I began to get severe cramping and stiffness and twitching and cold feelings in my legs.

My cardiologist then switched to Telemasartan 80 mg am and pm along with verapamil 240mg am and 120 pm. The cramps went away and the blood pressure went up into the 150-160/70-80 range and the cramps continued. I took this for about 5 days until I could not take the leg problems any more.

He then switched me to 25 mg of hydralazine in am and PM along with the verapamil. I had many spikes around 200/90. I was then increased to 40 mg three times a day with the verapamil am & PM.

The blood pressure is better but not resolved I woke up with 160/95 at 3 am. I am still having bad leg twitching and can hardly walk stiff muscles in the calf’s although the leg problems are getting somewhat better I have been on this now for about 6 days. I am 85 yrs. old and normally very spry dancing 3-4 times a week. I am wore out I cant hardly go shipping or do any house chores. Does anyone have any Idea what is going on.

I am also 85 and have frequent BP spikes in the 200/100 range and down to 100/50. I am on 150 mg labetalol with emergency Clonidine .01 mg when the spike in the range of 190-200 occurs.
I cannot find the connection between times that I have high readings and the very low ones.
It makes it difficult to determine if I should take meds to lower it since it could be acting when I don’ t need it.
Also I find the labetalol weekends me and may be causing muscle weakness. Any thoughts on that?

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