I have a really big hard stomach!! Plz help....im not pregnant!!!

Posted by Mona @monasolis, Jul 4, 2017

Ok my stomach has grew so much in the past year I look like im pregnant(like 10 mths). My stomach is hard and and really round. I know im not pregnant. I also have diahrea 15 times a day. Im not losing any weight and the weight I do gain is all in the stomach. Im also tired all the time…..please give me some advice!

Hello @monasolis, and welcome to Connect. You’ve come to a great community with your concerns.

We have a few discussions where members have posted about similar experiences; I’d encourage you to go through these, and please feel free to tag Connect members:

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Meanwhile I’d like to invite @foreverhaefish @mroreo126 @shah @luladavis @allenjane14 @shoregal45 @esteya76 @gloriaeb @upnorthnancy @nicole14 @boogirl @citygirlannie @keysgull @jigglejaws94 @clemlaa, to join in with their thoughts and insights.

@monasolis, could you share a few details about your diet? Have you seen a doctor?

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