Spreading rash that appeared on my face about 2-3 months ago

Posted by gerald @jerbear, Jun 20, 2015

i have a rash that appeared on my face about 2 3 months ago it started out looking like a small incident ot acne, but this was no ordinary acne, it began to spread further down the face along the mouth and now has been spreading slowly outward towards my cheecks ,chin etc.it itches terribly almost uinbearable at times this the worst thing i could do and that is to tich it spreads it, i have tried every type of sauve and spray ,many antibiotics etc.there are little bumbs similar to the type with acne.i itch it some times to the point of raw open scars it is frustrating,disgusting etc. the final answer or solution has been it is more than likely stress related i believe this as we are going through some major stress with our son conserning a major issue,anyone have any suggestions i am pulling my haid out

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