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I have a baby of 5 weeks old, and I am deeply [...]

Posted by @aladus, Apr 2, 2015

I have a baby of 5 weeks old, and I am deeply concerned about him. Two days ago, while I was holding my baby as he was crying and i was trying to sooth him, I had an argument with my partner. I have raised my voice, and i have made some soft movement with the other arms. The baby suddenly stopped crying for a few seconds and he cried again. I succeeded to calm him down after that and he felt in sleep.

I do not think that i shook him but what i am sure is that i raised my voice when he was in my arms. He did not show any signs of shaken baby. I took him to the pediatrician a day after and she told me that the baby is fine.
The only thing that intrigued me is that before this incident, the baby was really fussy. He was awake most of the time, and he crying, and he likes to eat all the time. Now, he became suddenly calm and he crying only when he is hungry. He also felt in sleep just after feeding him, and his sleeping patterns changed significantly as he is sleeping on average two hours after he feeds when he was sleeping a maximum of one hour before.
He is feeding regularly but not as he used to be, and he can stay in his crib awake without crying, and he seems to be really happy.

He also started to smile, and he seems that he is really enjoying his life.

However, I am concerned and i am scared that this is not a natural change in his development leaps. I am thinking about this continuously, and I blame myself for being so irresponsible in that moment.

I love my baby and I did not want him to suffer, so please if anyone experienced the same thing, i would really appreciate any feedback



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Posted by @jamesmanning60, Apr 5, 2015

Hi my name is James I have ben diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome. I have ben in severe pain for 3 years. I have seen specialist and doctors all to tell me their is no cure. I am devastated in pain every second of every day. I recently just found out that only 1.3 million people suffer from this condition. I have lost 50 pounds in the past three months due to not being able to eat anything. Please if anyone could knows anything about foods I might be able to eat. I would really appreciate it. I know their is a group on this website who people talk about burning mouth syndrome so I made an account and now I can not find the group. Thank you for your time everyone.

Rebecca McRoberts

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Posted by @rebeccamcroberts, Apr 6, 2015

Hi James. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. We’re not able to provide specific recommendations online, but we do have a list of lifestyle and home remedies that may improve your symptoms, as well as some advice for coping with the discomfort. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions!

Lifestyle and home remedies:

Coping and support:

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