i had the whipple back in june,...its been rough for my recovery,...had [...]

Posted by james @hillbilly8675309, Mar 20, 2014

i had the whipple back in june,…its been rough for my recovery,…had to deal with a series of attack,(episodes),..finally they went away after about 10 months,…then my last surgery was to repair a post whipple rupture on my right side. I am currently detoxing from the dialioudid,..day three now,..feeling better. I was wondering if there are any folks out there who have sucess stories,..Im thinkng about moving to the philippines where i can be taken care of with nutrition ,..since i have weakness and serious weight problems. I forgot to mention i went thru 6 months of chemo and 6 weeks of chemo /radiation combination. I am 53 yrars old,..have a three year old daughter,..and my wife is fixing to poop with joeseph daniel my new son,…..im really took weak to do a lot,..and have tried everything from smoking pot,…to overmedication with dialidoud,…..neither worked so im clen of it all,…all the pot did was make me eat everything under the sun,..and seriously make me a poop factory,….i take the enzymes,…but still cant get past 151 lbs, I weighted 240 in july of 2012,…Michael Farnell (i thank god for him and his team) saved my life indeed wow ),..but some people seem tommbounce back a heck of a lot quicker then me,……I can seem to get strength,…weak,…tired,…..I dont think and cant imagine going back to the work force in the same capicity as before,………any thoughts my friends,,,,,

Hi, @hillbilly8675309. I’m so sorry to hear about your rough recovery. I hope you are able to connect with members on this site and find some solutions. In the meantime, here’s a patient story that might bring some inspiration: http://sharing.mayoclinic.org/discussion/adventures-of-a-31-year-old-pancreatic-cancer-survivor

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