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I had a similar pain most of my life located under the

Posted by @healthsearch in Just Want to Talk, May 10, 2012

I had a similar pain most of my life located under the ribs toward my right hand side. Now 50 years later I realized what it was with hesitation. I was told that my liver was enlarged and that was the reason for the pain. I had Crohn's disease and it may have been the inflamation of the intestine? When the Italian doctor press the pain area I fainted. He treated me with Methionine, B12, and Vitamin K shots. I was completely new person with no food alergies or pain. I could eat any food and my brain was cristal clear. It lasted over 2 years and started again. I did the treatment again and I was good for 2 more years. In USA I did not realized that doctors don't have nutrition education. I suffered not knowing that L-Methionine is sold in health food stores and it is not a drug. I hope this will help you. If you need more infomation please let me know. I am taking pills with Metheonine+Choline and other ingredients and is helping me but not curing the problem. Good luck to you. @sparkle

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