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I had a portion of my small intestine removed this week. I

Posted by @sara43 in Just Want to Talk, Sep 15, 2011

I had a portion of my small intestine removed this week. I went to a top hospital in Philly, PA, and excellent rated Doctor and the affected part of the intestine was was likened to a kink in a hose as well as having a mass with a small cyst. that was gangrened. I was sent home with a port for a feeding tube. I could eat but the food was not being digested properly and I was getting no nutrition. I have many problems from the side effects of this. A few include intense pain that is going all to the right in my liver/kidney area. Also retaining too much liquid and swelling up from that.. Am slowly trying to get rid of the excess but difficult right now. I learned this was rare in adults and is really a children's disease which they can recover from when caught quickly. It may be related to a radical hysterectomy I had summer of 2010 or from a great deal of stress that I have incurred in my personal life. I now live in fear that the condition will return in my small intestine and am terribly depressed by this. I have NFi and have had many surgeries to take out the grape like benign tumors that grow on the end of nerves, in all parts of me. I would love to here from anyone that has dealt with a intestinal problem.

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