Discomfort + mechanical sound following partial knee replacement

Posted by leh09 @leh09, Apr 3, 2016

I had a partial knee replacement in January. All was fine until two weeks ago when my knee started making a “thunking mechanical” noise and I started to have increased discomfort as well. The doctor, via email, said that metal on plastic can make a noise and that my increased discomfort was due to increased activity. My question is: Does anyone have a mechanical sound in their knee after replacement.

I have had two knee replacements, one partial and one full and also a hip replacement. I’m 69 very active and take Zumba 6 days a week, along with yoga and Pilates. The only thing I’m limited on is running. You need to change your doctor! To tell you that the noise is standard and by email, without an examination is cavalier and shows no regard for your well being. I have been fortunate to have all my orthopedic work done at Mayo.I strongly suggest, if at all possible, to see if you can get an appointment at Mayo.If not do research on finding a new doctor…U.S.News has a report on best doctors. I have talked with many people who have had problems with knee/hip replacements…baby boomers are driving demand and orthopedic doctors are getting rich.I’m so sorry for your problem. It makes me angry how your doctor has treated you but you are not alone. Again if possible Mayo or Johns Hopkins. There is a DIFFERENCE in doctors and remember you are the patient and should demand the best! See link below.


I haven’t had a mechanical sound- but I was having a bumping feeling in my left knee. I’ve had both knees replaced. One about 3 years ago and the second about 2 1/2 years. The bumping started about 1 1/2 after the surgery and stopped after about 9 months later after Doctor did an in office cleanup. The doctor thought it could be scar tissue. It was a weird feeling.
Lately, the same knee feels tight. Our knees are so aggravating! They never stop.



Hi @leh09– If your symptoms are persisting, you may consider making a follow-up appointment to see your doctor in person. It may be a good opportunity to speak with your doctor more about the questions you have, and what to expect from recovery so you know when to call if you suspect a problem is arising.

You can ask things like:

How long can I expect recovery to take?
What problems could I have after surgery?
How active will I be able to be?
What kind of physical therapy will I have to do? Will this be at home or in a facility?
Is there anything I won’t be able to do after surgery?
How long should my new joint last?

There’s also great questions here from Medline Plus: https://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000233.htm


Yes, I can hear my new knee. Actually my doctor told me about this, that this can be a normal sound.


Yes, I can hear my new knee. Actually my doctor told me about this, that this can be a normal sound.

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Did he tell you to expect this before he operated? My doctor never told me to expect any noise or bumping and after 10 years one one knee and 5 on the other no noise or bumping. It sounds strange to me that your doctor told you it’s normal.Review link below from Mayo on knee replacement…no mention of expectation of sound.

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