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I had a bladder sling put in. I started not being able

Posted by @amazon411 in Kidney & Bladder, Jan 5, 2012

I had a bladder sling put in. I started not being able to have bowel movement or pass gas. For 4 months got a run around they had me throwing up feces. They finnally did exam, sling had caused vagina and bladder to fall out prolapse which was causing blockage. They went in and clipped it. I was told they were not suppose to do this was alright for 6 months. It all is starting over again getting same run around 3 days ago i threw up feces again . my mouth is blistered from bleach. and finnally after 5 months of thinking i was going to die. they did a mri. it will only show blockage or if sling has adheased itself to another organ. It will not show if somethings not workin. I cant get thewm to do ladrascopic surgery. It would show blockag or if somethings not workin. I retain 200 to 500cc of water a day. When i push to pass gas or have bowel movement all i do is urinate. and test showed colon is full. Im afraid im going to die. any advice @flounder

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