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I feel so sad for you. You and I have quite a

Posted by @jean28 in Just Want to Talk, Aug 28, 2011

I feel so sad for you. You and I have quite a bit in common. I have been mentally ill off and on since I was 8 yrs old. I am also the same age as you. You already know that I lost all my family too. However God was very kind to me to send to me a wonderful man that loves me and sticks with me. we met last year and got married right away. He is all I have as far as a close human being. I had a cat before. I think being mentally ill has got to be the worst. You have physically problems too for which makes things worse. I feel a lot of compassion for you and I am praying for you if you don't mind. I really do care what happens to you even though I don't know you just yet. I hope you and I can get closer. May I ask where you live? @cja

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