I feel like I'm dying

Posted by ashdlm9193 @ashdlm9193, Jan 22, 2020

So almost 3 weeks ago I was taken to the ER because it felt like something was hung in my throat/esophagus. That's how this craziness started. Doctors said gerd sent me home. Next thing I know I'm unable to swallow solids, I'm having trouble breathing/ feeling like I'm not getting enough air, I can't eat anything that isn't mush(potatoes) and I'm constantly throwing up and unable to eat. Even drinking water sometimes makes me sick. Then another symptom arrived I'm feeling numbness in my middle back and upper abdomen. I'm also having swelling in my throat. Please help. I just want to feel normal.

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Did ER doctors tell you to get in with a gastroenterologist Doctor? My father had this problem and we got him in with a gastroenterologist the next day, scheduled him for an endoscopy procedure. He had another procedure done and has been fine now for 4 years. I forget the name but I think they strectched an area in his esophagus as some of his muscles weren't working well in his esophagus possibly due to some acid damage , started on a low dose of reflux medication also. At the time my father was 88 years old and is now heading to 92.


Obviously, you need to go to a doctor – either an internist or a gastroenterologist . GERD is blamed for everything too often and, unfortunately, it is often a sloppy, easy, "just take these pills" diagnosis. I called my internist several years ago, with whom I am friends and could reach on her private cell phone – i was in excruciating pain, feeling food was stuck in my esophagus. Even this doctor, whom I respect and is a friend, immediately said " oh, it's reflux. take antacid.." I could hardly speak to argue but i told her she was wrong. I finally stuck my finger down my throat repeatedly and vomited to get relief. I insisted on an endoscopy and , it turns out (just as I suspected but was not believed)- I had a stricture which was easily opened. My story may be totally different from the cause of your discomfort. But relying on what a busy ER doc said to you as your symptoms progress and not contacting another doctor is not wise, in my opinion.


A couple of years ago I had two swallowing tests, and the speech therapist gave me some exercises. The tests really only told me what I already knew. After I chew and chew and chew until the food is pureed, I start the swallowing process by moving a small amount, wait for the valve at the top of my esophagus, then after it's moved into my esophagus, I wait for the valve at the bottom of my esophagus to open, and with some effort the food gets into my stomach.

I've had to allow plenty of time to eat a meal, obviously. At first, liquid wasn't a problem except that I sometimes start to aspirate. By now, I have trouble with liquid, so I drink a small amount, hold it in my mouth, tuck my chin, and swallow it into my esophagus, where it sits until the valve opens. The therapist told me to cut back on the caffeine, no carbonated drinks and don't use a straw. They called it esophageal dysmotility with silent reflux. It's just kind of frustrating and more than a little annoying.

My sister died in her 50s after several years of seeing a string of specialists who could never give her a diagnosis. Her last year she couldn't swallow anything and had a feeding tube. Watching her slow deterioration was really hard. Because some of my issues are similar to hers, I have some anxiety that I could reach the point of being unable to swallow. It might be that my fears are unfounded, of course. I won't know that until swallowing becomes a more serious problem.


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