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I don't walk by sight, nor does I care, gives a damn,

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 24, 2012

I don’t walk by sight, nor does I care, gives a damn, entertain; heresy, racism, intimidation, jealousy and or false allegations, assumption, responses, etc.! However, I do walk by faith, operate in the spirit of excellence, stands behind every thing I said, says, or does, proud to be a True Christian/Saint, knows who, whose I am, when to speak, when to shut the hell up, reach, withdraw, come, go, knows the importance of time, seasons, and I also know much of my success comes from; being a master at exemplifing compassion, love, respect, recognition, and giving honor to whom honor is due! I have been very consistent with doing so; on a daily basic! It has become a part of my Christian Walk With God! Very Well Said, Stated, Presented, Put! Says The God, Husbandman; behind, with, for, of Uptopart, and You Are So Right, Dead On It!


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