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I don't know if I have a yeast infection or not.....On October [...]

Posted by @vikki, Nov 3, 2013

I don’t know if I have a yeast infection or not…..On October 10th..I went to the ER and the doctor gave me Diflucan…no exam was done cause I was pretty sure it was a yeast infection……he said it would clear up in 3 days…I got my perio 2 days after….then a week later…I was still itchy around my vulva so I picked up a 3 step micanozale treatment, when it began I had a very thin discharge almost milky….it feels better but still itchy only not as intense, the thin discharge id also gone….Ive dranken plenty of water and cranberry juice…there is no foul back pain or shoulder pain and Im not nauseous….is it a yeast infection or could it b a bacterial infection or something else? Im really worried..I have a doctors apt tomorrow but I would like piece of mind about this.


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