I.D. Photo

Posted by thumperguy @thumperguy, Mon, Jan 20 9:42pm

I notice lots of you have a pic which accompanies your posts. ? How you do dat?

Make sure you have a photo on your PC or tablet that you want to share with us and that you know its location. I put mine in a folder called "Photos" on my Windows10 Desktop.
Hint: Head Shots, well-zoomed in, are best because the image we see is so small.
At the top of each page, below the Mayo Clinic Connect banner is a circle (next to the envelop icon) with a drop-down arrow.
Click the arrow and select "My Profile"
On the Profile page, Click "Edit". There is a circle to the left of your bio, in Edit Mode it should either say "Change Photo" or "Add Photo" – click on it, and a list of your PC folders will appear. Select the location where you placed the photo. Select your photo. Click "Save Profile"
Ta-da – we will all be able to see your smiling face.

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