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I believe that within the next 6 to 7 days a lot

Posted by @justanothernumber, Dec 13, 2012

I believe that within the next 6 to 7 days a lot of questions will be answered as to what is causing me so many health problems,I dont like to say what I think it is but in this case I apsolutly believe that I have Cancer,Not because of the lies and falsified medical records from this other State but because of my symptoms,All of my symptoms point to Cancer.But I will beat whatever it is because God has already made plans for my life and re surrendering my life to God and am now a Pastor ‘Calvary On The Hill’ Christian Fellowship, My life has already been layed out as God intended it. I give Thanks to my Dr,The Mayo Heath Clinic and everyone there including the receptionists,nurses,volunteers,lab techs,At The Mayo Heath Clinic everyone there makes you feel importent and I am forever greatful and I give Thanks to God that ive been blessed to have found this wonderful place in which I would not trade for any place anywhere with my health.
I might have to cancel my profile and re place it with a new profile if I cant change the user name,THE USER NAME THAT I HAVE WAS MENT FOR ANOTHER PLACE NOT FOR THE MAYO,It was how I felt about the State that caused me more pain and the atrocitys commited against me are so unbelievably horrifying that I would not wish it on my worst enemy,The worst part is that they got away with it,But on the good part,The Senator for this State was forced to step down or be indicted for trying to sneak into a Bill on the Senate floor immunity for any crimes commited by this states Gov agencys such as medicaid and right after he was forced out everyone that destroyed my life is gone,all forced to step down.Though we lost our home and everything we owned because of these monsters I still pray that they will turn to Jesus and ask for his forgiveness for what they did to me and others im sure,I have already forgiven them and it was not an easy thing to do and though ive forgiven the Dr’s whom still continue to lie I have an anger toward them that ive given to God because as a Christian and a Pastor it is my responsibility to hand over to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ all things that are to heavy for me to handle.They will answer to God.
Pastor Ron Grim


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