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I at some point of time in the past; had to have

Posted by @uptopart in Just Want to Talk, Apr 23, 2012

I at some point of time in the past; had to have suffer several TIA's, mini strokes, or brain attacks/injuries of some sort, kind! The heart, outcome of the matter, results are this! No doctors/medical professionals have the heart, nerve, audacity, interest, will power/willingliness, patience, courage, strenght, tools, maturity, charisma, care, concern, spiritual enlightment, skills, ability, relentless, resilience, wisdom, knowledge; to say, accept, analyze, articulate, consider, conclude, determine, document, and finalize that particular findings! So as the result of; I never was diagnosed, treated, rehabilitated for that/those particular health problems, complications, issues, possibilities, and or health concerns! Thats messed up, outrageous, sucks, and stinks!

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