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i assumed he was still in school, sorry if he's not but

Posted by @deliasanderson, Jan 7, 2012

i assumed he was still in school, sorry if he’s not but if not then replace teachers with bosses and friends with fellow employees @pumpkin83



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Posted by @pumpkin83, Jan 7, 2012

He’s an adult and he’s been depressed for years but won’t take his medication. He has added stress by getting an apartment with his girlfriend and her not quite 2 yr. old child. He loves the baby and says he loves the young woman too but she also is depressed and has no health insurance.

He said a week ago that he keeps having suicidal thoughts. He called a help line but didn’t keep his appointment with them. I’m so scared and I don’t know what I should do other than listen when/if he confides in me again.

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