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I am writing in concern for my 14y.o. daughter. She has had

Posted by @dennisreaves, Mar 21, 2012

I am writing in concern for my 14y.o. daughter. She has had problems with her eyes the past year. Her eyes are in a downward gaze in which she is unable to see or even open her eyelids. If you take your finger and raise her eyelid, all you see is white, you do not see the eye. They are both contracted so downward into her head that you can’t see her eyes. She is totally blind due to this. She has been dealing with this for the past year. The first episode lasted 2 weeks, the next episode lasted 3 months and now we are going on 21/2 months. She has also had episodes of swelling and pain in her joints as well as itching and having whelps break out.
The very first time this had happened, she had been on a school trip over the weekend and on Monday started having pain in her side. We took her to a doctor, they did a scan to rule out appendicitis. She had inflammation and swollen lymph nodes. The doctor prescribed steroids and Lortab. On Tuesday after 2 doses of the steroids, her eyes started going downward. We took her to the ER, they did a CT scan of her head to make sure it was not a brain tumor.
We have been trying everything imaginable, but not getting any answers.


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