I am very much interested to know about the different treatments and [...]

Posted by Binu @binu, Dec 31, 2014

I am very much interested to know about the different treatments and disease conditions etc.. so I used to read many article in the net, recently I have gone through Protein urea and found Foamy urine can be an early symptoms of the same. So started observing same and find that most of the time my urine is foamy, most time the foam or bubble disappears in few second to 5 min, many time urine is colorless and I tried to reduce the urinating force.
I did spot urine check up the result is 20mg/l of protein and creatinine is 547 mg/L protein to creatinine ratio is normal, it is .03:1 and no blood cells or any other abnormality like sugar, cast or crystals is observed other than faint trace of albumin. my serum creatinine is 0.8 and HBA1c is 6.1 and fasting glucose is 95. My Blood pressure is in the range of 110/70 to 140/100, as I have taken different measurements at different time in different days and it falls in the above range. I took an ultra sound and find that my kidneys are normal in size and no abnormality is found. I have elevated LDL ( Fasting) = 172. And I am obese height 164cm and weight 86 kg.
I consulted nephrologist they told that I am fine and as my BP in good control and PCR is normal so no need to worry, and I have been given statine and medicine to reduce BP.
But I found I am tensed due to the foamy urine as I am tensed my Bp elevated to 140/100 some time. I request to help me to understand about the foamy urine.

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