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I am trying to find out more about the hydrcrphelus that have

Posted by @quartercircle in Just Want to Talk, Apr 30, 2012

I am trying to find out more about the hydrcrphelus that have read about. I have had this problem since 1986 that it constantly affected my everyday life and could not keep going and finally got it diagnosted and got some help at the VA Medical center here in Oklahoma city of that year and since have had to have it replaced 4 times after many good years of no problems then all of a sudden it quit working like plumbing does. Still have to watch out for the simtims to hit because of the terrible black outs that can happen along with the other side effects if the shunt quits working. Some nuerosurgeons do not know what to do and the ER people do not know what they are looking at when something is going wrong and unfortunetly I have been sent home and them not knowing what they have done by not keeping me there to care for me and replace the shunt whent it does not work right. Does any one out there want to know more about these. If so just write me and I can tell you about all the strange thing that gone on and all the good the shunt has done. I have not had any headaches since the proper one was installed but the side affects can be devestating if not known at the time and some is not done fast when they happen to.

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