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I am suffering severly from a 3 level fusion done as a

Posted by @pmaze2663, Jun 5, 2012

I am suffering severly from a 3 level fusion done as a minimally invasive spinal procedure operation performed in 2008 by a Dr who came from the UK and did not have the license or training to perform this procedure. It was done in a surgical center owned by another doctor.I am bedridden and cannot walk or perform the simplest tasks, my breathing is not well at all. I need to speak to someone who has had the condition Oseteomyelitis. All of my testing states that I have Osteomyelitis dating back to my first set of xray’s after the surgery failed. Per the tests, MRI’s and physical exams they all mention the Osteomyelitis. I have spinal fluid and bone marrow leaking out of my end plates and my left eye .I have a 7mm screw in my inter polar region of my kidney. My sight has diminished consiederably and there is fluid leaking out of my eyes. I have lesions, hot spots and fluid sacs all over my body. My spine has collapsed in the 3 places and is sitting on the bottom of my coxic area, my height went from 5’5 to 4’11 and my body is quickly diminidhing, etc. etc,..It has come to the point that I am afraid I will not wake up one morning, leaving my husband and children on their own. If anyone can understand or has had this disease, can you please contact me. I would greatly appreciate any information you could offerr.


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