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breast reconstruction with the tramflap method

Posted by @brady, Apr 20, 2013

I am on this web site to discuss the same situation and find an answer. I had a breast reconstruction six years ago with the tramflap method. The stomach area is cut and used to construct the new breast instead of having foreign materials inserted to make a new breast. Now that said, this is 6 years later and I have had some bad pain in lower right area of abdomen. After x rays and cat scan they find nothing, no lumps but if I pick up something heavy I get a tight pain in lower right abdom. area. Dr. says no hernia, no cancer. I wear one of those wide elastic belts and it does help. Dr. says muscle. Is this conn, to my op. Driving me crazy and Dr. says no more cat scans ect. GOOD LUCK TO YOU @annjess


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