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I am new to this community and to the Mayo Clinic in [...]

Posted by @robertcstewart in Heart & Blood Health, Jun 7, 2014

I am new to this community and to the Mayo Clinic in MN. I would sure appreciate any recommendation of a heart surgeon that does outstanding Aortic valve replacement surgery at the Mayo Clinic.

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Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Jun 9, 2014

Hi, @robertcstewart. Here is some information about surgical procedures in cardiac surgery that are available at Mayo Clinic:


Posted by @robertcstewart, Jun 9, 2014


Thank you for your e-mail. I am a 76 year old active male. This morning I had a heart cath in Montgomery AL at the Baptist Hospital. I went in to the procedure with indication from an echo cardiogram that I had an Aortic Valve Area (AVA) of 1 cm. The heart cath, however, indicated that I had an AVA of 1.5 cm, This AVA is down from 1.7 cm measured in an a heart cath 3-4 years ago. Today they found my heart arteries all clear and healthy and the Mitro valve is in good shape.

My question are:
1. At what AVA value should I consider an aortic valve replacement?
2. Is there a way to remove the calcium safely from the aortic valve?
3. If there is a way to remove calcium from the valves, when should I consider such an procedure?

Thank you in advance for your consideration,
Bob Stewart

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Jun 10, 2014

Hi, Bob. Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose conditions, provide second opinions or make specific treatment recommendations through this correspondence. If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, please call one of our appointment offices in Arizona: 480-301-1735, Florida: 904-953-0853, or Minnesota: 507-284-2511.


Posted by @robertcstewart, Jun 10, 2014

Thank you Margaret.
Bob Stewart


Posted by @CG1234, Oct 12, 2015

Hi! My grandson is now 5 and was diagnosed with bicuspid aortic valve before birth. I feel badly he can play no sports but archery, golf. Anyone have experience with a similar situation and will this ever change?


Posted by @cynaburst, Oct 12, 2015

I am not sure what the recommendations regarding activitiy and sports are are for kids with biscuspid aortic valves. I know that some conditions may call for restrictions. A good place for you to find others in a similar situation is at this website: for The Pediatric Congenital Heart Association. The best other thing you can do is to make sure that your grandson is seeing an expert in congenital heart issues. Mayo Clinic has great cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. In fact, I had surgery at Mayo almost ten years ago for another hereditary heart problem, and my surgeon there is one of their top pediatric heart surgeons. He was and is amazing. Wishing your grandson the best.

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