I am in my late 30s with kids.... last year I had [...]

Posted by jam911 @jam911, Mar 27, 2015

I am in my late 30s with kids…. last year I had a new partner that was bigger than what I’m use to..I bled a few times during sex because of his size.. we used protection always.. I got BV one time and I was given the pills and it went away. We had a condom malfunction and I got a pregnancy scare, so I got the paraguard just in case.. we still used condoms and we were both tested… year later we are not together and I have a new partner.. condoms are also always used as well.. but he is not big at all and bleed with him too. I know he goes all the way in. But I’m sure, I should not be bleeding. I never had this issue in the past before my last partner. Now it’s like it happens often. I have sex like once a Month if that..oh I got BV twice with my new partner. Dr. Gave me the pill last month and this month she have me a cream to use 3 to 5 days. So I had sex and I bled… I don’t have any STD I was checked. And I now use non latex, I use the natural synthetic one..to eliminate getting BV again. I’m confused. Could it be the parachuted that is triggering it? I just started to take the refresh pro b.. I have another one that is kept in the fridge.. I’ll try that one when I’m done with refresh pro b. It’s embarrassing. It makes me not wanna have sex. I am really concern with the bleeding while having intercourse.

Thanks for your question! Vaginal bleeding after sex is fairly common. Though we can’t provide a diagnosis online, here is a resource that you might find helpful which includes some of the possible causes: http://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/bleeding-after-vaginal-sex/basics/causes/sym-20050716. We’d recommend you visit your doctor to determine the exact cause, especially if it is bothering you!

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