Terrible sciatica pain: The 6 days steroids

Posted by user_mlyoung @user_mlyoung, Dec 19, 2015

I am having terrible sciatica pain, I tried the 6 days steroids treatment but still have a lot of pain, what else can I do?

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Hi @user_mlyoung,
Welcome to Connect. Sciatica is so... painful. Here's some information from the Mayo Clinic about sciatic pain including treatments, lifestyle and home remedies http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sciatica/basics/definition/con-20026478

How long have you been dealing with this? I wonder if @es6903 had some tips to share?


Hi there! I too had severe sciatica. I fell several years ago, landed on my low spine. Fractured five ribs, everything moved along well after. I had a hip replacement six years ago; found after that my sacrum was permanently displaced. My sciatic nerve started talking to me, found disc problems, had two laminectomies, followed by fusion from S4 down to SI, rods inserted. This left me with chronic peripheral neuropathy which made sciatica seem like a whisper. Am on hydromorph 24/7 with break through doses, a myriad of anti convulsants and anti inflammatories. My SI joint is frozen causing chronic debilitating nerve pain. I am finding this very difficult accepting the unacceptable as this is my forever and I find depression is the hardest part. Any ideas how I can balance severe pain and depression. I am struggling and can't get my centre back. I remain active to keep muscle function as they are not fed by the nerves, I battle constant drowsiness by keeping busy but am at the end of my tether. Anyone else trying to keep the balance with depression and severe pain?


Hi @stumpy, welcome to Connect.
Severe pain is often accompanied with depression. You are not alone in having to manage both. I'm tagging @edriaragosin, @denie57 and @mlemieux who have also talked about this.

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