I am facing breast reconstruction 3/20/17 and have LOTS of questions!

Posted by mari @mari, Mar 19, 2017

Is it Really necessary to buy a $44. (med supply store) to $175. (From Dr. lenfeldt’s office, Pasedena) Sports Bra. I have some already. How much pain? How soon can i play beach. volleyball?
Were u able to drive in 2 days?

Hi Mari,
We have several members on Connect who have had breast reconstruction. I’m tagging @kathleensunshineobrien @survivor1 @teege1 @grandma41 @kbare13 to bring them into this discussion. While we wait for them to join the discussion, you may be interested in a couple of other discussions about breast reconstruction here:

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Mari, what type of reconstruction will you be having tomorrow?

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