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Pastor Robin

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Treatment for stage 2b follicllar lymphoma

Posted by @pastorrobin, Feb 18, 2012

I am doing treatment for stage 2b follicllar lymphoma. I have gone through 6 cycles of chemo, with Rituxan. My latest Pet Scan showed only 1 % of the Lymphoma left. But now my oncologist would like me to do a treatment using Zevelin, instead of the Rituxan two year maintance treatment. But what I have found about the Zevelin does not sound good. At my last visit with the oncologist I tried to explain to him that I have had extreme spain pain that does not even go away with the highest doses of pain killers, but he says it is not from the Lymphoma or chemo. I am always tired, as I have told him I could still sleep 24 hours a day if I would be allowed to. If anyone would have any answers for me I would really appreciate it, I am suppose to get the Zevelin (this radioactive treatment on Feb. 28) and I need help making a decision. This is scary stuff I don’t know anything about.


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