I am desperate to find a dr who treats arachnoiditis.

Posted by B foreman @bfsecurityguy, Jun 22, 2014

I am desperate to find a dr who treats arachnoiditis. I live in lake county and no one around here can help me. I have been in pain management for almost 3 years. I want out!!!! I want my life back but can’t find anyone who wants to help me..I’m so tired of being in pain, feeling like a failure to my family and feeling alone. Any help much appreciated.

Yes, indeed, the Burton Report (found online) is excellent…..There are several Facebook groups but I don´t deal with Facebook…takes too much time. There are also several blogs, but after a while I was getting a little depressed reading. Mayo Connect is different. I do believe totally in water therapy as the best way to keep leg muscles supple and working hard, but in a true Therapy Pool of around 94 degree water. The one I´ve used and loved is with Sarasota Memorial Hospital…can´t manage it right now because of the distance from home. PT can be risky, they don´t always know what to do about Arachnoiditis needs….most of the times they are amazed to hear about this condition…depending on their level of interest, I do bring them reading material to get started on learning about it. Did the same with my GP, and she now has included AA in my Patient Portal records, after several years of bringing her Dr. TEnnant´s materials. So am very grateful to her for being receptive to his protocols. While Dr. Tennant is officially retired (no more patients), his Foundation continues to update several websites for newest research protocols and if I email him he does reply and is very kind to do so. Latest protocol just came out a month ago. Has loads of practical information on line. Everyone should go online and look at his recommendations…. Most physicians who "see" ARC are actually radiologists or even anesthesiologists. Have a good weekend and week……my best! Joan


Hello, Happy Aqua Therapy worked for you. For me he pressure walking against the water put too much pressure on my spine. I had PT after my fusion 2016 I was sent to Kessler Institute where Superman Steves Reeves was. They were so good. They are in West Orange and Chatham. NJ. I was there for 3 weeks. Dr. Tennant told me that no more can be done. He emailed information to give to my Pain Management Dr..medications I should be on. He is also an Anesthesiologist, It is depressing being told "nothing more can be done for me" Why was I not told of the 90% of the true meaning of Failed back Syndrome? When the Dr's told me my Diag. They closed the door. If I knew I would not have gone on and on and on trying to find Drs to find out what was wrong me and I was getting worse. No more surgeries, Ablations, nerve blocks and more. The trust I had in their decisions changed my life. I find it disparaging that no one is interested in the in AA and how to make patients aware than, make a decision. I think about that a lot,For me, I can't find any answers? Question, Patients with AA have they seen a change in brain activity. I do't know how to word it. Thank You Joan, my best to you also


In reply to Bforman, I no longer see or look for Neurosurgeons, spine surgeons. The more is done chances of getting worse. There is a Dr. In Calif. Dr. Forrest Tennant. Interest includes AA, he started a Foundation. Some of us are in touch with him. If you live near the NJ areas I have a very Well know Pain Management/Anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologist is a big plus in care. His name is Doctor S. Datta, Pain Management, Hackensack NJ. His practice also includes CancerCare, MS and more. Easy to find him on the Internet. Also can find him, Dr. S, Datta Naltrexone. non-opiate pain medication. He put me on it starting on a very low liquid dose given in an eye dropper. I just started. I hope I can help at least a little for all of you in pain.

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